How Surface Paving Boosts Local Infrastructure

Sep 12 2023

There are several services that play a major role in a given city or town’s infrastructure, and paving services for asphalt and concrete surfaces are a great example. Blacktop paving is a vital need for any city or town, and it shows its value in multiple different ways. At Asphalt Masters, we’re here to offer a huge range of asphalt and concrete services around Ogden, UT and nearby areas, including repairs, concrete pouring and more. Here are some of the numerous positive ways professionals like ours impact local infrastructure, from Ogden to any other city you may find yourself in….

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Comparing Asphalt and Concrete for Parking Lots

Aug 08 2023

You have a few material options available to you when it comes to any kind of parking lot, and the two most well-known examples here in most cases are asphalt and concrete. Both of these are legitimate contenders for a parking lot depending on your broad needs and budget, and knowing how they compare and vary in certain areas is very important if you’re choosing between them. At Asphalt Masters, we’re happy to offer a wide range of services for both these materials, from asphalt repair and sealcoating to concrete repair and pouring services around Ogden, UT. Let’s look at…

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Value of Painting Curbs During Parking Lot Striping

Jul 11 2023

There are a few key areas of any commercial parking lot that must be closely considered during the building and organization of the lot, and curbs are a great example here. Ensuring any curbs in your lot can be properly seen and managed by drivers and pedestrians alike is very important, and one major element that can be quite helpful here is curb painting during a larger parking lot striping process. At Asphalt Masters, we’re happy to offer parking lot striping and repair services to clients around Ogden, UT and nearby areas. Which kinds of curbs might you need to…

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Modern Trends in Asphalt and Paving

Jun 13 2023

Modern technology has made a positive impact on many commercial fields, and one great example here is the realm of asphalt mixing, paving and repair. Continued innovation here has brought us advances in several major areas, and owners or managers of any facility that utilizes asphalt surfaces outdoors should be aware of these moving forward for optimal cost-efficiency and safety. At Asphalt Masters, we’re proud to offer a wide range of asphalt services to clients around Ogden, UT and nearby areas, including asphalt repair, asphalt sealcoating and more. Here are some of the key ways asphalt technology is improving, plus…

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Asphalt Parking Lot Wheel Stop Safety Considerations

May 09 2023

There are a few components that may comprise a key part of your business’s parking lot area, and one of these in many cases is the presence of various wheel stops. Referring to the plastic or concrete items that sit on the ground and prevent vehicles from contacting one another in basic parking setups, wheel stops are often a major part of your parking lot setup – and safety around them and other parking lot elements is vital. At Asphalt Masters, we’re happy to help with numerous areas of parking lot maintenance, including parking lot striping and repair, for clients…

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How to Clean Concrete Paved Surfaces

Apr 11 2023

Recently in this space, we went over some general tips on how to clean and maintain paved asphalt surfaces of any kind on your property. From general cleaning to various stains or other spill risks, knowing how to clean these surfaces is valuable – and asphalt is just one example. At Asphalt Masters, while many of our primary services for clients around Ogden and other parts of Utah are in the asphalt realm, we also offer concrete repair and pouring services for any client in need – plus tips on how to maintain these surfaces. Here’s a simple process for…

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