Key Signs Your Ogden Business Needs Parking Lot Asphalt Repairs

Key Signs Your Ogden Business Needs Parking Lot Asphalt Repairs

Jun 14 2022

For many businesses with physical locations, the parking lot is an important part of regular operations. And if the parking lot is in a state of disrepair, you could be looking at a few possible issues, from possible injury hazards and liability concerns to making a poor impression on clients or others who visit your facility.

At Asphalt Masters, we’re here to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. We offer the very best asphalt repair and related services in Ogden and nearby areas, including parking lot repair and striping services for any property. As a business owner or manager, what are some of the top signs that your parking lot may require repairs to asphalt or any other part of their setup? Here are several to keep an eye out for, plus how to consider them and when to call our pros for help.

Major Cracks

Perhaps the most recognizable and common sign that your parking lot needs asphalt repairs is the presence of major cracks. These can form for a number of reasons, from extreme weather conditions and temperature changes to water seepage and more.

But no matter the cause, if you notice major cracks in any part of your parking lot – especially larger ones that are an inch or more in width – it’s time to call in the professionals. These cracks can cause a significant deterioration of your parking lot surface, and if left unchecked, could ultimately lead to potholes forming.


Potholes are another common sign that your parking lot may require asphalt repairs, and as we mentioned, can be caused by larger cracks that are left unaddressed. Potholes can also form due to water seeping into the cracks and freezing, causing the surface to heave. This process then leads to additional cracking and deterioration, and eventually a pothole forms as a result.

Potholes are a problem for multiple reasons. For one, they often risk damage to vehicles that drive over them. They can also cause potential injury to pedestrians if they’re large enough – and in turn, these can lead to major liability concerns that you may have to face as a business owner.

And finally, potholes on your property can give visitors – whether they be customers or clients – a negative impression of your business. If you notice any potholes forming in your parking lot, don’t hesitate to call our team for asphalt repairs right away.

Pooling Water

In other cases, surrounding elements will give you some signs that your parking lot may be in need of asphalt repair services. One such element is water, and if you notice that water is pooling in certain areas of your parking lot, this could be a sign that the surface isn’t draining properly.

This could be due to a number of reasons – from cracks or holes forming in the surface to a drainage issue with the surrounding land. In any case, if left unaddressed, pooling water can cause major problems down the road. Not only will it increase the risk of potholes forming, but it can also lead to significant erosion and other issues with the surrounding land.

If you notice pooling water on your property, call our team right away to have the issue assessed and addressed.

Fading or Discoloration

In some cases, the asphalt itself may give you some signs that repairs are needed. One such sign is fading or discoloration of the surface. This can be caused by a number of factors, from exposure to harsh UV rays to oil spills and more.

But regardless of the cause, if you notice that your parking lot is beginning to fade or discolor, it’s important to have the issue addressed as soon as possible. Not only will this improve the look of your property, but it can also help to extend the lifespan of your parking lot surface.

Warping Concerns

Especially if your parking lot is exposed to sun for most or all of the day, you may also notice that the surface begins to warp or buckle in certain areas. This is due to the asphalt expanding in the heat, and over time, can lead to major cracking and other damage.

If you notice any warping concerns with your parking lot surface, call our team right away for an assessment. We can provide the repairs needed to prevent further damage from occurring.

Fading Lines

While you should be re-painting your parking lot lines every 18-24 months in most cases, you may find that you need to do so more frequently if your lot is beginning to show signs of wear and tear.

One such sign is fading lines, which can indicate that the surface itself is beginning to degrade. In some cases, you may also notice that the lines are beginning to peel or chip away entirely. If this is the case, it’s important to have the issue addressed as soon as possible to avoid potential accidents or other problems.

Repair or Replace?

In many situations where significant damage has occurred to your parking lot, such as if more than 30% of the lot is showing signs of wear, you may be wondering whether it’s time to replace the surface entirely.

In general, if the damage is extensive, it’s usually best to opt for a full replacement. However, in some cases, asphalt repairs may be all that’s needed to restore your parking lot to its former glory. If you’re not sure whether you need repairs or a replacement, our team can assess the damage and provide you with a recommendation.

For more on how to spot the signs that your business parking lot needs repairs or perhaps even a full replacement, or to learn about any of our asphalt repairs, seal coating or related services to clients throughout Ogden, speak to the team at Asphalt Masters today.