Concrete Pouring & Repair

Concrete Pouring & Repair Services in Ogden, UT

Some damage to concrete surfaces is inevitable. For instance, some things that you can’t control, like the weather, can cause cracks and other types of deterioration in paved surfaces such as concrete patios. At Asphalt Masters, we’re the concrete repair contractors to call in Ogden, UT. We offer a wide range of repair and installation services that keep your property looking great.

What Are Some of the Reasons Concrete Deteriorates Over Time?

Several factors can weaken or damage concrete, such as:

  • Exposure to chemicals – Chemicals have the potential to destroy the concrete floor in your basement or garage. They penetrate concrete surfaces and react with calcium hydroxide to form water and salt that leach out of the concrete structure. These chemicals range from the antifreeze agents you use during winter, cleaning agents, gasoline and oil, paint, acids, etc.
  • Weather – If water seeps inside or underneath a concrete slab, it’s quite difficult for it to get out. When cold weather comes, the water will freeze and expand inside the concrete, leading to cracks.
  • Structural stress – Sometimes, adding new levels to a building during a construction project or placing heavy materials on concrete could cause so much stress that the concrete cracks or breaks.
  • Improper installation – When you mix or install concrete poorly, damages are bound to occur. For instance, you will see cracks on concrete slabs, rugged finishes, etc.

Signs That You Need Concrete Repair

  • When you see cracks forming on the concrete surface
  • When you see pieces of concrete detached from the concrete structure, it could be because of the freeze and thaw cycles of water within the concrete or pressure from heavy material
  • When there are concrete aggregates on concrete surfaces. Of course, expect minor erosion due to wear; however, too much is problematic.
  • When you see the concrete structure fragmenting into individual aggregates, appearing like stones

Steps in the Concrete-Pouring Process

This is how we approach concrete installations for our clients.

  1. We clear and clean the area you want to pour the concrete slab. We also make sure that the site has a firm base that drains well. We sometimes consider adding a layer of gravel if the area is too sandy.
  2. We then place concrete forms on the cleared area where we will pour the concrete. This could be rigid wood, metal, glass fiber, wire mesh, or plastic.
  3. Next, we mix concrete with water using a concrete mixer.
  4. We pour the wet concrete mix into the forms, ensuring no air pockets or gaps are on the slab. We use rakes or shovels to distribute the mixture evenly.
  5. We flatten out the poured concrete using wood to level. This step also gives it a smooth finish. Sometimes we use metal or rigid flat plastic material for the finishes.
  6. If you want a rough texture for your final finish, we can use a concrete broom. Doing this helps to improve the friction of the slab. Or if you want patterned or decorative concrete, this is the step where that happens.
  7. Once the surface starts to get firm, we begin the curing process. This is where we pour water on the concrete 4-6 times a day for a month to bind the sand and gravel together.

Benefits of Pouring New Concrete

Starting fresh with a new, high quality concrete driveway or patio means that you can be sure it’s made to last right from the start. Other benefits of having concrete poured by professionals include:

  • We design our concrete structures in such a way that there is proper drainage, helping to keep water out of the concrete structure and thus prevent cracks.
  • Repairing an existing structure such as a concrete driveway by pouring concrete is more cost-effective and time-saving than totally replacing it. With our years of experience, we can tell when a repair will do the trick or when a replacement is needed.
  • Pouring new concrete creates a platform for further design or adjustments to your structure, hence improving its appearance and curb appeal. For instance, a new concrete patio can vastly enhance your home’s outdoor living spaces.

Benefits of Concrete Repair Services

Sometimes a new structure is necessary, but there are other times when a concrete repair is all you need.

  • Concrete repair services will save you time by applying a permanent fix to the damages.
  • Professional concrete services will help prevent further damage.
  • We know how to utilize the right tools to give your concrete the perfect curb appeal.
  • Professional concrete pouring services are more convenient and save you a lot of money in the long run.

For best results, it’s a good idea to work with experienced and trusted concrete contractors on all your paving projects. Concrete can be a bit challenging to work with, because getting the proportions of the mixture wrong or misjudging the amount of water needed per square foot of the slab could lead to further damage. With our years of concrete industry experience, we have the tools and know-how to get your concrete pouring job done right the first time.

Need help with an upcoming concrete project? Contact us at Asphalt Masters today to get a quote. From concrete driveway installation to concrete floors for commercial properties and everything in between, we’re the Ogden concrete company that’s foremost in customer satisfaction.