Parking Lot Striping & Repair

Parking Lot Repair & Striping Services in Ogden, UT

Asphalt Masters offers a full range of parking lot striping in Ogden, Utah. Pavement markings – including asphalt striping – is necessary to ensure the safety of your parking lot and driveways. Pavement markings also help control the flow of traffic, helping avoid unpleasant and unwanted fender benders and other incidents. But did you know that asphalt striping can even help you minimize the wear and tear on paved surfaces, by keeping vehicle traffic to selected routes? 

Image is important for businesses and organizations of all types. Having crisp, clear parking lot striping and pavement markings – especially when these are installed on paved surfaces kept in good repair – help you put the best face forward for your customers and visitors. These factors also demonstrate that you care about their comfort, safety and well-being. 

In Ogden and other municipalities, public parking lots are typically required to comply with local, state and federal codes. This can include not only parking lot lines and directional markings but also indications of ADA-compliant parking spaces, walkways, etc. 

We use the highest quality paint, sealers and other products for parking lot striping and asphalt restriping. This ensures that you get the longest lasting results, even in high-traffic areas. 

What Can Damage Asphalt?

Many things can contribute to asphalt failure, from gas spills to extreme weather conditions:

  • Extreme Heat: When asphalt is subjected to extreme heat, it leads to softening, pitting, sloughs, and overall deformation.
  • Extreme Cold: Since asphalt is more dynamic than concrete, it can be damaged by extremely cold conditions. Extreme cold makes asphalt contract, resulting in cracks.
  • Ground Water: Groundwater can end up displacing asphalt in its entirety, leaving behind pits, collapsing asphalt, potholing, and cracks.
  • Standing Water: Standing water might seem harmless on top of your asphalt, but it can lead to even more damage. Standing water can end up sipping through your asphalt and lead to cracks or even displacement.
  • Gas and Oil Leaks: These can not only deface but also eat away at the surface of your parking lot. Sealcoating helps to protect against this type of damage.

How Do You Fix Potholes in Asphalt?

A pothole is, by definition, a bowl-shaped depression in a paved surface (generally asphalt pavement). Potholes are classified as less severe if they are less than an inch deep, moderately severe if they are 1-2 inches deep, and highly severe if they are more than two inches deep.

Here’s how our asphalt paving contractors fix potholes in asphalt:

  • We start by cleaning the pothole, removing weeds if any, and get rid of any loose rocks and debris.
  • We square the edges as much as possible and pour the repair material inside the hole. It’s important to overfill the hole with the repair material for about 2-3 inches.
  • We then consolidate the blacktop repair material using a tamper until the ground is level with the material and provides an even surface.

How Do You Repair an Asphalt Parking Lot?

Asphalt Patching

This is usually done for minor potholes and involves removing loose debris and aggregates from the affected part. After doing so, we fill the hole with a hot asphalt mix or a cold patching mix. Next, we add more layers until it is level with the ground. Then, we press it to ensure a smooth, even surface.

It is important to perform asphalt repair prior to doing any parking lot striping. Ogden and the surrounding communities are prone to a wide variety of weather conditions that can quickly degrade damaged or cracked pavement. Taking care of any existing problems first will provide a smooth, even surface upon which to perform striping or restriping. This not only extends the life of the asphalt pavement itself, but also ensures that your striping will remain bright, crisp and vibrant for as long as possible.


This method is mainly used for small cracks on your asphalt pavement. A ready-to-use asphalt emulsion is added to the pavement to prevent water from penetrating its surface.

Crack filling is equally important to perform before you get any asphalt striping work done. Certainly, you can have striping applied over a damaged parking lot surface but you might not be truly happy with the result. Asphalt crack repair seals out moisture and helps paved surfaces resist the oxidation and damage that can occur when water seeps into surface cracks. It also provides the ideal surface for painting. Your lot will look better and last longer, saving you money on repairs and restriping.

Asphalt Sealcoating

This coating is usually added to the blacktop surfaces to preserve its midnight black color. This coating also slows oxidation and water filtration and reduces the oil and gas stains. This is meant to extend the life of the asphalt pavement.

Asphalt Masters frequently performs seal coating prior to applying asphalt striping for parking lots and other paved surfaces. Regular seal coat application is one of the best ways to extend the life of your pavement and reduce the number of repairs required from year to year. This makes it the ideal backdrop for parking lot striping or even asphalt restriping. Proactive asphalt maintenance helps keep your lot looking great but it also ensures the safest possible environment for anyone who visits your home or business.


How Do You Fix a Crumbling Asphalt Driveway or Parking Lot?

Repairing a crumbling asphalt parking lot is a multi-step process: First it needs to be cleaned to get rid of any debris and clear out the cracks. Afterward, filler is added to all the areas that were cleaned out. Next comes pothole repair. The last step involves adding sealant to protect your asphalt pavement against damage and help maintain its structural integrity.

Benefits of Professional Parking Lot Striping Services

In addition to our parking lot maintenance services, we can also paint the striping on your parking lot. There are many reasons to have this professionally done:

  • Well-designed parking lot striping improves the appearance of the parking lot and helps it to accommodate different types of vehicles.
  • Marking the parking lot lines clearly gives cars enough room and helps prevent door dings among vehicles.
  • Directional lines and other pavement markings help improve safety and the flow of traffic.
  • Sharp, well-painted parking lot lines on a well-maintained asphalt surface help enhance curb appeal.

Things to Consider When Striping a Parking Lot

We take a lot of things into consideration when planning a parking lot striping project, such as:

  • The size of the parking lot
  • Traffic flow
  • Types of vehicles to be accommodated in the parking lot
  • Lighting design
  • Drainage

Proper striping is very important when it comes to the safety of both drivers and pedestrians. A clearly marked parking lot can help minimize collisions and other accidents while making it easier for potential customers to visit your place of business.

Asphalt Masters offers a wide variety of parking lot construction, repair, maintenance and striping services that benefit commercial property owners. And we do it all while offering excellent customer service and clear communication about your project. Contact us today for a quote