Value of Painting Curbs During Parking Lot Striping

Value of Painting Curbs During Parking Lot Striping

Jul 11 2023

There are a few key areas of any commercial parking lot that must be closely considered during the building and organization of the lot, and curbs are a great example here. Ensuring any curbs in your lot can be properly seen and managed by drivers and pedestrians alike is very important, and one major element that can be quite helpful here is curb painting during a larger parking lot striping process.

At Asphalt Masters, we’re happy to offer parking lot striping and repair services to clients around Ogden, UT and nearby areas. Which kinds of curbs might you need to be considering for your lot, and why could painting on or around those areas be very helpful? Here are some basics to keep in mind.

Kinds of Curbs

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of curbs that might be present in a given parking lot:

  • Permanent curbs: Typically built into the lot and meant to last, these curbs are often made of concrete or other hard surfaces. They’re the same kinds of curbs you would find on sidewalks or many other municipal areas.
  • Temporary curbs: These curbs could be made of plastic or wood, and they’re more likely to be seen in areas that aren’t quite as densely packed with parked cars. They will typically be added to parking lots by building owners to provide an extra layer of protection around certain areas.

Why is painting for both of these curb types often valuable or even necessary in parking lots? Our next few sections will go over the key reasons.

Improving Visibility

In certain lots, it might be necessary to provide extra visibility around the curbs, especially for those built into the lot. Painting curbs in a bright color or adding reflective markers can help alert drivers and pedestrians both about nearby areas they may need to consider carefully while driving through or walking across the parking lot.

Indicating Boundary Lines

The same is true of temporary curbs, which are often used to indicate where parking zones or other areas start and end. Painting around these lines can help make sure drivers understand the full layout of the lot and stay in the right places during their visits.

Increased Safety, Decreased Liability

For many lot owners, one of the chief reasons for considering parking lot striping and curb painting is the simple matter of safety. Curbs that are not marked may risk collisions with vehicles or pedestrians, and this could present some serious liability issues.

On the flip side, investing in curb painting and striping can help protect your commercial parking lot from some of these potential issues. Drivers will be able to clearly see any curbs in the area, and this can make it much easier for them to navigate the lot safely.

This means that if vehicle damage or personal injury were to take place, you would have a better chance of decreasing the liability risks associated with those kinds of incidents.

Managing Traffic Flow

Particularly for busy parking lots, it’s important to make sure the traffic flow is managed correctly. Curbs and other boundaries can help do this by providing drivers with a clear visual indicator of where they should be driving and when.

By painting around the curbs in your lot, you can create a much clearer picture for drivers about how to manage their movements while driving through the lot. This can help keep vehicles and pedestrians both safe, as well as make it easier for drivers to quickly find parking spots when they’re visiting your property.

Aesthetic Appeal

Furthermore, painted curbs and other forms of parking lot striping will make your entire lot look much more professional and attractive. This can be great for local businesses trying to attract more customers, as well as just adding a nice touch to the general aesthetics of any commercial property.

For example, a prospective client who visits your parking lot might be more likely to stay and do business with you if they see your curb painting is clearly marked and professional.

Overall, curbs are a very important part of any commercial parking lot, and it’s essential that they be properly marked in order to ensure safety and visibility for drivers, pedestrians, and property owners alike. When considering parking lot striping needs, be sure to include curb painting as part of the project in order to gain all the benefits outlined above.

At Asphalt Masters, we specialize in parking lot striping and other asphalt projects. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you improve any Ogden, UT or nearby property.